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My daughter is 17 years old and in the process of applying to several very competitive college ballet programs. Most of the programs ask for ballet photos (usually a headshot and first arabesque). Should these pictures be professional if possible or is it better to have an amateur take the pictures in the studio? We don’t have a good dance photographer in our city. We have several good photographers here but not ones that necessarily know ballet in order to get the best angles, timing, etc. Also struggling to get a decent background and lighting in her ballet studio to take pictures ourselves. Any help and advice would be much appreciated. 

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Hi, I don't think professional photos are necessary unless maybe they are to get a job in a company but even then you don't need them. 

whenever I take my photos I do them in a local ballet studio with a friend to help, try to make sure the background is clear (I usually take down whatever photos are on the wall and put them back when I'm done) and if you have an iPhone the burst feature is great because it can help you get the shot at the right moment (takes a burst of photos). It can be hard to have good lighting in some studios and if you have to settle for poor lighting I would recommend editing the photos afterwards, up the brightness adjust warmth to make it more cool toned. This can all be done on your iPhone. 

Hope this helps

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