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My DD is a HS junior, so I’m trying to learn all I can about the college admissions process.  The “early decision” is intriguing to me, and I’m wondering if anyone can share their experiences with it.  Do most dance programs offer this option in your experience?  Can anyone share positive or negative outcomes?  Has anyone regretted applying this way or not applying this way?

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ED (Early Decision) is great if your student has a particular college that is definitely their first choice, AND if you are flexible regarding your financial aid package, as the aid package may not be finalized with the ED acceptance.  ED means the student, if accepted, will go to that college and withdraw any outstanding applications.  

EA, or Early Acceptance, means the student may be admitted to the college early (and applied early) but does not have to accept the college until the student hears from other colleges at regular decision time.  So you can then compare financial aid packages.  

(Of course if the financial aid package is not what you needed you are exempted from the ED acceptance, but you may not receive the financial aid package right away, yet still need to withdraw from other colleges…)

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