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Hello from the Midwest


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Thank you for all the helpful information in this forum.  My daughter is 11yo and dances with *** .  She, like many others on here, has big dreams of being a ballerina.  We just dipped our toe into the "away from home" SI's last summer with Tulsa and did Houston virtually.  We have always done our home studio SI previously.  We look forward to hearing about other's experiences as we navigate this ballet path.

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Welcome to BT4D Mstortz!  It's great you found us and I hope you find the forums uselful with a budding dancer! It's a journey but many here are on it with you.

I've edited your post to remove the ballet school listed.  Even though personal information and data seem to not be personal anymore, we've found the ballet world can be a small place and sometimes having too much "out there" affects what you feel you can say, and what other posters feel comfortable commenting on.

Make yourself at home and enjoy getting involved in the forums!

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Welcome to BT4D! I'm still kind of new-ish here and constantly learning a lot from the experiences of others.

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Hello Miss Persistent, maybe you will see my post maybe no. You DD has a lot of work to do at age 12 now to get where she needs to be. Houston is good. Hopefully she went to a good SI program this summer. 

Hoping the studio she is at trains well in technique, stretch, and strength/conditioning, and exposes the students to good contemporary choreography for diversity. Entering her in YAGP will give you a good idea of where she is at among her peers. Consider cross training her in rhythmic gymnastics one summer, it will transform her, catapulting her far faster.

My now 18yr prof company DD has done it all, many offers, at the top of her peers in the US. Hope these tips help. You do not have a lot of time now, only about 4 years. Good luck! 

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