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Does anyone know what happened with California Ballet in San Diego? The company seems to have shut down.

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edited to be more descriptive in my question.
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I have written to the Director of Golden State Ballet to confirm this information. Until I hear back, this topic is closed.

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Raul Salamanca, the Director of Golden State Ballet has responded. There is no association between the two organizations. Golden State Ballet was incorporated in April of 2021. Coincidently, California Ballet unfortunately has closed. 

Onward with the conversation as long as the discussion is about California Ballet.

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Thank you for taking the time to do that, vrsfanatic-

Sad to hear that California Ballet is gone. :crying: 

At least the school is still operating. :)

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I did not check on the school. Happy New Year!!

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Happy New Year!


I know some people who are dancing in the school’s Nutcracker production this year. So the school is still open and operating. :D

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balletgoober, please remember to use correct capitalization of the word Nutcracker, which is the title of the ballet and the music.

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Several of last year's California Ballet professional dancers are now dancing with Golden State Ballet, and some are teaching for California Ballet. 

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