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In order to keep balance, a dancer has to maintain control of his or her weight placement on the feet, for the very beginning thing, whether on à terre or on relevé. The balance control zone on the foot will vary between the ball of the foot and the very forward edge of the heel. Usually it will fall somewhere to the middle, about right at the instep/arch of the foot. On relevé, obviously it will be squarely on the ball of the foot.


The legs must appear straight, even if the dancer is hyperextended, but should not be jammed locked. Pulling up through the legs while at the same time feeling connected to the ground is very important. The legs also should not sink into the hipjoint, but be lifted out and up!


The back and torso should be as straight as possible, and again lifted up, and particularly inward at the abdominal muscles, while the shoulders should not rise but be kept down, but without constraint or strain.


Did you know that your head probably weighs around 16 pounds? Keep it as squarely on your centerline as possible, no gawking forward and looking down, or "stargazing" with the chin overly lifted.


Got all that? Now try to work doing all that at once - that's what a dancer has to do without even thinking about it!:)

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