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cleaning canvas


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hi! Well I just got canvas ballet shoes (I love them) but after the first time i wore then to class, they became really dirty really fast. How do i keep them clean? I heard of throwing them into the washer, but will they shrink? :confused: Thanks for all of your help!:)

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No, the do not shrink appreciably, if they were made correctly out of material which had already been shrunk before fabrication of the shoe.

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You can wash them, that's no problem. I would just be careful with some brands: After I had washed my Bloch Prolites for the first time, I had the shoes in one hand and the inner soles in the other one. The glue just dissolved. :)

But if that happens, don't worry: IMO they are much more comfi without the inner sole so I didn't glue them back ;)


Svenia :)

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I think I would wash them in cold water, and not put them in the dryer.

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Ms. Leigh is correct--cold water (you can put Shout or whatever on them for the dirty bits) and then air dry them. You can stuff them to dry, but I don't think it is necessary.


Yes, they might feel a little stiff or tight when you first put them on--that is alright: the fabric will stretch.


You can also wash leather, but as with canvas, do it on gentle cycle and do not put them in the dryer.

You can also put the liquid Febreeze in the wash water if your leos, tights, and shoes are real stinkers! (it is on the grocery store shelf next to the spray bottles of Febreeze; the liquid goes right into the laundry water)


Wardrobe staff bless the inventors of Febreeze a dozen times a night, believe me! :)

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