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I was just accepted into Oregon Ballet Theatre's summer intensive (level 6), and am interested in OBT2. Does anyone know anything about this program?

Is it tuition based, or are they paid? Are shoes provided? Is housing provided? How frequently do they train? How many students are accepted from the summer course? 

Anything helps, thanks!

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I am currently a student at OBT and here's what I know:

- Housing is not provided but many of the OBT2 people rent apartments nearby together

- OBT2 trains daily for class in the morning and then has rehearsal with the company till around 5 (if they are called to rehearse )

- It is tuition based

- As for shoes, i think they have to provide their own shoes but they can also get shoes from the back stock the company has

- I don't know how many students they take each year but almost all of OBT2 is made up of summer students.

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@blueberry thank you for the info! do all the obt2 dancers wear freeds? and are the obt2 dancers typically tall, short, or a mix of heights? thank you!

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i think almost all of them wear freeds, there is such a variety of height, the shortest is around 5 ft and tallest almost 6ft. most are between 5’5” and 5’8” 

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Is that 6 foot dancer male of female? 

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