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stimulating brain activity?


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In the book „New York City Ballet Workout” I found something interesting in the “Dancers on fitness” chapter:


“I do different movements that have been specifically formulated to stimulate brain activity. Certain cross movements have an effect on the integration of the right and left brain hemispheres. When you do movements that allow the joints to go through the full range of motion without effort, that not only improves the range of motion of the joint but also improves the resiliency of the muscle, and affects brain integration, physical coordination, and mood.”


-Zippora Karz


Here’s my question: What sort of movements does she mean? Do I have to always do exercises which engage both arms and legs, or the left and the right side of the body?


I know that such exercises also improve coordination, which I honestly need.:)


Thanks for your help,


Svenia :)

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I think what she is talking about is totally covered in terms of doing ballet! ;)

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