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Muscle Spasms

Guest Tibbit

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In ballet on Tuesday, I was asked to work on flattening out my shoulder blades and getting my shoulders over my hips (which feels like I am bending forward, but I guess I am not). Anyway apparently some how my body did not like this new position. After experiencing a pain that moved from under my left shoulder blade, then up my neck, later my chest, sometimes under my arm... for 2 days I went to the doctor. She told me it is muscle spasms. Has anyone dealt with these before? Any advice for dealing with it? I was given a muscle relaxant and told not to move or use my left arm for a few days. It is still bugging me. Anyway, she said to come back if it was still bothering me by Wed. I was just hoping maybe someone had some advice about how long they might last and whether (if they ever go away) I should ease back into motion or whether I would be good to go after the spasms end? Any input you could give me would be appreciated.

Twitching at work,


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Hi Tibbit


I too have suffered form these. Twice Ihad to take very storng muscle relaxants which send me into a kind of 'happy place':cool:

Withme, my neck and shoulders are my weak spot. Any stress whatsoever collects in this place and if I ignore it, well I go into spasms. Not nice. After the second time I tried to find something that would alleviate this problem.

The main one I found was swimming and weight training. Also stretching exercises for my upper arms, shoulders and upper back with a theraband or a towel at first until I grew stronger.

Swimming would be the best to start with as its gentle enough. Using a kickboard I found really helped.


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Guest MountainDancer

Xena, you sound just like me with the neck and shoulder issues! I transcribe for a living, so I really have to take care of my upper torso.


The reason my trapezius muscles will go into spasm is because they get so drawn up and tight, and the muscles across my upper back - the teres and infraspinatus muscles - have gotten all stretched out and weak, resulting in "winged" scapulae. I got some good exercises from a physical therapist for those, one of which is to simulate pulling down on a weighted bar, i.e. a pretend lat machine, concentrating on using the upper back muscles for this. I love the way it feels!


I also use wet heat therapy for the muscle in spasm (a microwaved wet towel) and my Bed Buddy, a microwavable heat-pack that I sling across my shoulders or lay on my upper back, wherever the pain is. I also like to massage in Tea Tree Oil therapeutic mineral gel.


When all else fails, I might have to resort to Flexeril on occasion, but I try to avoid this if at all possible.

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Thank you both. I guess I probably haven't been stretching as much lately plus, missing a lot of classes. I will try to make a pointe of working on my shoulders some more.

Xena, the muscle relaxants make me really sleepy, so I didn't take one today. If I am still twitching tonight after work, I will probably take one.

I took a hot bath last night and have been using my heating pad once in a while, it seems to help.

I am undecided whether or not I should attempt class tonight or not. Probably not, it is a cool damp day and I am still hurting, and muscle relaxant, a cup of cocoa and early to bed sounds like just the thing.

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Muscle spasms anywhere, not just in the legs, as the conventional wisdom would have it, can also be alleviated a bit by taking in a bit more potassium in addition to the other excellent suggestions made above.:) Have a banana! Eat a baked potato! Enjoy! (It doesn't have to be potassium gluconate tablets!)

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