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Yesterday, my DD signed her first apprentice contract. This post is about perseverance and working hard. I hope it will give you some encouragement. DD started ballet at age five, but by age eight, she decided she didn't like tap, so we left. She did cheer for one summer before going back to ballet, but unfortunately, at a Dolly Dinkle studio. You don't know what you don't know. 

Fast forward...

At age 13, she decided she wanted to dance professionally, but she knew she needed to change schools, so we went to a local studio connected to a regional company. The first thing we learned was that she wasn't trained properly. She didn't know the French terms and danced on a hard floor. 

Over the next several years, she worked hard, overcoming some tough obstacles, and taking extra classes and pilates. At 18, she still wasn't ready, so instead of college, she left to attend a ballet school year round for the next four years. 

When Covid happened, she thought she'd have to stay at her school for one more year, but she landed a trainee spot in a mid size company. 

There were so many times when she could have given up, in fact, most dancers would've given up, but she persevered. 

When she was disappointed, she would ugly cry, then the next day, she pushed herself harder and worked.

If your DD is coming from behind, please know, that with hard work, perseverance, and talent, dreams do come true. 

This is one proud Mama today. 


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Congratulations to your daughter and thank you for sharing her journey. The path to a ballet career is so difficult and filled with uncertainty. It is wonderful to hear stories of success, particularly the sometimes winding road it takes to get there.

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I wish there were a "love" button. Congratulations, what an incredible path to achieve her dreams! 

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Congratulations! I am so happy for her! And you!

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Thank you for sharing your DD journey and success. Congratulations for her and I know how proud you must be.  My DD is still in the ugly cry stage, this is heartening.  They are a determined breed.

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Congratulations to her and to you!  Way to go!  🎉

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Congrats to your daughter! And this is coning right on time as my DD(13) has been struggling. Was at a dolly dinkle but now feels so far behind at her pre-pro studio. She literally had an ugly cry moment just this week but is pushing through. Will be sharing this story with her

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Congratulations!  It's wonderful to hear success stories during such a difficult time for the arts.

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We all hear you, you must be a proud mom 🙂

Congratulations for your DD, hope she feels at home in her new company.

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Congratulations to both your DD and to you for seeing her through this far! It's so wonderful to hear a story that's incredibly relatable that is going well down the road from where my DD currently is. Best wishes for your dancer's continued success and happiness!

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Congratulations to your DD any to you - supporting a child with aspirations of dancing professionally is no easy task either!   Your story is so inspirational and full of hope for those of us in the middle of it all.  Thank you for sharing, and best of luck to your DD for a long and fulfilling career :)

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Congratulations and thank you for sharing your daughter’s story - a wonderful example of resilience! 

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@backstagemomThank you for sharing your daughter's story and your story as well. Congrats to both of you! As a parent you always want and hope for the best - looks like she found her home! I have a daughter who started with humble beginnings when it came to training and she has been playing catchup for about 4 years now. Would love to learn more about your child's journey, how you helped her to stay mentally tough if/when needed? My DD is on the shorter side and was told at a young age (10) that she would never make it because of this. This comment has stuck with her, it has driven her to prove them wrong. However, I know it lingers in the back of her mind. 

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