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Good teacher/studio recommendations for Cambridge, Mass?


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Hello, fellow adult students.

I'm just preparing for a month long research Fellowship at Harvard (lucky me - delayed for 2 years because of the global pandemic). In between spending my days at the Houghton Library & writing, I'd like to do ballet class.

Any good first-hand recommendations for teachers or studios? Preferably Cambridge, as that will be walking distance. I'm a solid Advanced Beginner shading to Intermediate - I can manage some teachers' Intermediate level classes at Steps on Broadway  (Noriko Hara for example). 

As I age (early 60s) I seek out teachers who can teach me interesting things about ballet & the body, so quirky or non-standard is good too! And I'm very fit, thanks to weight lifting and intense high intensity interval training in the gym (I deadlifted 97 kilos today!)

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Congratulations on your fellowship!  I would check out Jose Mateo in Harvard Square or Boston Ballet (take the T).  The Harvard Dance Center also has classes, but that may just be for enrolled students.

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Thanks Katesy - I had Jose Mateo on my list, so it's good to have a personal confirmation that the studio is a good fit for adults. And I know Boston Ballet won't be far by the T - I'm just lazy! But the lure of trying out new classes & teachers will be strong!

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Congrats on your fellowship, Redbookish!

Seconding the suggestion of Jose Mateo Ballet Theatre, conveniently located just steps from Houghton Library -- https://www.ballettheatre.org/classes-for-adults/

There are several adult ballet classes every day of the week.. Arthur Leeth, a former dancer and ballet master from Boston Ballet, is particularly good at teaching a class geared to the wide range of adult ballet dancers. He teaches on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

1 T stop away in Central Square, or about a 20-minute walk, is the Dance Complex -- https://www.dancecomplex.org -- any kind of dance you like, including ballet.

You can also take the T to Boston Ballet. 

And if you're willing to go a little further, you could take the T all the way to Jamaica Plain to Integrarte. http://www.integrarteusa.com  Run by Erica Cornejo and Carlos Molina, former Boston Ballet & ABT dancers. They offer at least one adult ballet class every day, taught by one of them. They are truly lovely people and exquisite artists and have a devoted following among the Boston adult ballet community.

All these studios use the Mindbody app & want you to sign up in advance. Masks are now mostly optional although Erica & Carlos are still requiring them.

I hope you enjoy your time here. Happy to help with any other recommendations!



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Thank you StarSapphire - those are great recommendations & the motivation to explore a little further!

I already use the MindBody app here in the UK, and for Steps on Broadway - it's actually really convenient.

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