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Guest rhythmicgymnast

Before I move onto my topic, I'd like to share with everyone that I started ballet and go 2x a week, 3 hours in total. It's a great class, 14-16 yr olds, Cecchetti Grade 5 (I think). I love the teachers there, and the students are pretty nice, too. I'm having a lot of fun, and my teacher said that I'm picking it up very quickly and praises and encourages me a lot! :)




This class is performing the ballet CARMINA BURANA. I was wondering if you could perhaps tell me a little bit about it? Thanks.

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Carmina Burana is a setting by Carl Orff, a German twentieth-century composer, of medieval poems that were found preserved in a library in a monastery in Bürenberg, Germany. There is no single definitive ballet version of the work, although the poems are all about various and sundry deadly sins, notably avarice, gluttony, pride and lust. What the good monks were doing preserving this material led to some interesting conclusions as to the actual literacy of the copyists in the scriptorium, who, it is now thought, couldn't actually read what they were writing, but only copied letterforms of whatever was uncritically put before them.

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