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Double Tours in Passe


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Does anyone here have any advice for double tours in passe? 

I can do double tours in 5th just fine. I just started learning doubles in passe and I keep getting thrown off. I cannot land them at all!

Any help would be much appreciated :)

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balletgoober may I ask how you are trying to land them? Since you are learning this complex movement, have you asked your teacher for help?

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Hi vrsfanatic, 

My teacher has given me some guidance, and it has helped marginally, but I also wanted to reach out on here. 

My teacher has me land them to the knee. 

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Have you tried a single in passé landing to the knee?

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Yes, I have my singles down. I just can’t seem to get in the second rotation and land it.

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Are you aiming your working thigh/knee sharply backwards around the circle and coordinating the arms. You will need more force with both the arms and the working leg.

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