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Guest dancingostrich

how exactly does RAD work. what does it stand for. i had never herd of it before i found ballet talk. does each level do the same combonations durring every class. that is what it seemed like to me in a post that i read today. that got me wondering what exactly is RAD. so thanks for your help.

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RAD stands for Royal Academy of Dance. It is curriculum and supportive syllabi developed in the United Kingdom, and taught worldwide. In each syllabus, there are set exercises and combinations, but teachers are encouraged to give free rein to "free exercise" in order to achieve the Academy teaching goals.

It tracks first along a path from Pre-Primary to Grade 5, after which there are two tracks, recreational (commonly called Higher Grades) and vocational (commonly called Majors). Higher Grades are grades 6-8 plus a qualifying examination in variations called Solo Seal. Majors proceed from Intermediate Foundation through Advanced 2, at which point, the student is pretty much ready for professional employment. Each Grade or Major is qualified for by the student passing an examination given by an impartial outside examiner.


For more detail, see:



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uhm, major johnson, sorry to fall in, but the solo seal comes after advanced 2 and is highly professional. grade 8 can be (in a way) considered the solo seal for the grades. you have your solo's in there...



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OK, maybe that's changed - way back when I first encountered RAD, about 35 years ago, it was considered part of grades. A lot of things are different now. I've always found it to sort of "float in space" somewhere between Grades and Majors.


(PS. Yes, after checking with the site, I can see where that's changed. Solo Seal didn't used to be dependent on completion of Advanced, but Grade 8! But this was back in the days when we used to have to chase the mammoths out of the studios before we could start class.;) )

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