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not thinking again

Guest Medora

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All week I have been having trouble with my double step-over turns on pointe , in fact, I haven't been making them at all. It was beginning to really frustrate me. Then, while I was warming my feet up before pointe class tonight, I went off on one of my dream tangeants. I preteding to do a variation I saw in La Baydere, which has a double step-over turn in it coincidently. Totally unconscious of myself and involved in my pretending to dance the variation, I executed it!! My friend said, "Sarah that was good!" Sarah is my real name by the way. I was like, "huh?" And all because I wasn't thinking. Now if only I could learn not to freeze up when my teacher gives the combination! At least I know I can do it :rolleyes:

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Medora, or Sarah, sometimes a dancer can "overthink" and make everything a lot worse. Dance for yourself, get into the music, and just do it. It doesn't matter who, or if anyone is watching. Do it for you. Sometimes that works a lot better :rolleyes:

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I can relate, sometimes I'll be waiting, so I'll do piroettes, and I'll do a triple! I just wish I could do it when I am fully concentrating on piroettes!

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