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Leaving a school, looking for another in Toronto

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Hello, my daughter (13) attends a dance school northeast of Toronto. She currently does it all - ballet, jazz, contemporary, tap, hip hop, and acro.  She has been with the studio since she was 4 years old and now finds she really only loves Ballet.  They train in Vaganova just for reference.  I am wondering if she wanted to go to the next level in ballet where would we start? She already auditioned at NBS but did not get accepted.  Knowing not much at all about the level and calibre of their dancers, I thought I thought we could just use the opportunity as audition experience. Does anyone know of any schools they have heard good things about in the Toronto and surrounding areas?  The schools I have looked at but don't know much about are:

Karpov Ballet Academy

Goh Ballet

Academy of Ballet and Jazz

The School of Cadence



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The Board doesn't allow a comparison between Schools/Programs. Might I suggest a few things:

1) Where do students go after each of these schools? Are they there for 4 years of High school and then done? Or do they go onto training programs? Or do they leave after 2 years and go somewhere else? I can say that at least 2 of the names you mention seem like "Pre Pro" programs. I would read the review about them.

2) Look at classes offered at each of these and look at a family, if they fit with your family. They should have a schedule for the fall by now.

3) Ask for a class with these studios. Is it a good fit for your daughter?

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This thread might help you:


Additionally many of the well known pre-pro schools have their own discussion threads within the "Pre-professional Schools/Residence Program" Forum in Ballet Talk.  The schools are listed alphabetically. 

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I'm not sure whether to continue the discussion here or put this info in the thread for Toronto area training programs.  I just heard some good reviews of The School of Cadence Ballet from parents who had dancers at the summer intensives.  In fact, I sent it over to Ballet Scout so they can add it to the database.   Ballet Jorgen seems to have opportunities for advanced students and then more occasional opportunities for younger dancers.  I like Ballet Jorgen's mission quite a bit.  I also just saw an ad for Victoria International Ballet in Toronto, but I don't have much information about that program.  Goh is a great option, but I thought they were in Vancouver.  I just looked them up, and they do seem to have a Toronto branch now.  Goh's studio in Bayview is having a Sept. 8 open-house complimentary class event.  That would be a good time to visit.  Good luck with your search.


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thanks mln for your contribution!  I was going to say that Goh was in Vancouver - hadn't realized they were branching out.

For mcc, the Original poster - has your dd considered the Associates program at NBS?  I can't remember the age range at the moment, but that program has morphed over recent years and has a broader student base than they used to.

In addition, the NBOC does offer adult open classes.  It might be something to consider for your dd, however this should be in addition to other training (in my opinion).


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My wife recently looked at NBS saying how great it looked from the website. And then she saw the price tag for "International" Students for the Pre Pro program. Lol!

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