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Administrators' note: This thread has been deleted; Victoria Leigh posted the reasons why, and I hope those who had an interest saw it.


Since this is the third time we've had someone ask a question about starting a web site on these forums, I thought I should post a general note. Start as many web sites as you want, but please, use common sense -- we're not in the business of helping people start other dance web sites! This is, er, a dance web site!!! I'm sure you wouldn't sit in a restaurant, one in which you dine frequently, and call over the waiters, the chef, and the owners -- and the customers -- and say,"You know what? I've been thinking about starting a restaurant myself. Can you all give me some tips? And what would you like on the menu there that isn't here?" :rolleyes:


Another concern is that we recently had someone start a web site that used posts from these forums (and material from this and other web sites) without attribution or permission, and this is a violation of copyright laws.


Anyone who does have a dance web site is welcome to post an opening notice in the Announcements forum -- once. :) And there's a place in your profile to list your home page. But please don't use this site to generate material or recruit members.


Suggestions for content for this site is always welcome. If you haven't done so already, take a look in our Archives -- there are a lot of threads there about flexibility, stretches, etc. And remember that you can see all the posts on any forum by using the pulldown slide menu at the top right -- change the view to 60 days, or view all. You can change this in your profile and make it a default, if you'd like. You can also easily find posts here by using the search function. For example, if you'd like to know what Victoria Leigh has said on flexibility, you can search for that -- by keyword AND name of poster.


This post is an announcement, and not for discussion, which is why the thread is closed.

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