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cross-legged&turn out

Guest Katrina_54

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Guest Katrina_54

hello everybody!

I am 14 years old, and I just started taking ballet (I take it to improve my turnout and stuff, for jazz dance+others types of dance I do) I love it!! Wish I would have started it sooner...and I just had a quick question about turnout....

does sitting cross-legged ruin turnout??:confused:

Thank-you so much for your help!!

Have a good day!:D



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Hi Kat, I'm glad that you are loving ballet! :D To me there is nothing that I would rather be doing more, I just love it! Don't worry about how late you started, I did not really start until I was 14 years old myself! If you have lots of ambition and the dedication to work hard, then you should catch on pretty quickly. But it does take lots of hard work, and it is very, very hard. At least I think so, because there are always so many new challenges. I don't know it sitting cross legged ruins turnout as I am only still a teenage student, but I sure hope not, because I do it all the time! :eek:

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There is absolutely nothing to this Old Wives' Tale. It's a leftover from Victorian days, when "Ladies" did not sit cross-legged.


(PS. Welcome katrina, to the Young Dancers' forums here at Ballet Talk on Ballet Alert! Online!:D )

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