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Confidence while new to wearing tights


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I’m sorry if my previous question was too direct to the point of it not being suitable for the forum it wasn’t the intention, if I may phrase my question in a different way for me I’m shy and I struggle to build up the confidence to wear tights in class but in my school they are obligatory.


 Does anyone have any advice for building up confidence to wear ballet clothes when you’re really not used to that kind of thing. 

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Wear your tights and whatnot under normal clothing while you are on public transit. Then remove your trousers when you arrive at the studio. You won’t notice the difference.

Also, remember men wore tights in public for hundreds of years and it was totally normal.

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I started dancing almost four years ago.  At age 61 I was terrified taking that first step into the studio.  But day by day it really did get better and easier.  Just hang in there.  You will probably repeat this process the first time you try dance shorts instead of full length tights, for example.  Stay within your studio dress code, but other than that wear what you like.  

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