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Hi everyone


Just a quick question about etiquette. After class the students always applaud the teacher (and pianist--if you're lucky enough to have one:p ). Sometimes we'll be lead in a formal reverance to the teacher, after which we still applaud. So here goes my question: in this class there are the usual amounts of big-to-small corrections. This teacher seldom needs to give any huge corrections, but last night he singled me out to correct my passe (it's the 2nd weekend back to class and EVERYTHING is a bit messy). We moved on to across the floor with a jete combination. I did the first part really well, but coming out of the pas de bourre entournant I totally forgot the tombe, pas de bourre, glissade before the grand jete. I knew I forgot something but at that second I couldn't remeber what it was. Some days...


I might mention that this is an intermediate adult class and as a just-turned-19-year-old I'm the youngest in the class.


Anyway, at the end of class we all applauded and I made a point to gain eye contact with him. I sure appreciated--and needed those corrections. As he was leaving the studio, though, I said a quick thank-you. He kind of scowled at me and at least didn't respond, although I know he heard me. Was I out of place, or maybe there was something else in class that I don't remeber? After spending 4 weeks on vacation, I haven't been the most *on* lately. It's being hard to get back into the swing of school, dance, and everthing. I thought class went pretty well last night, except for how it ended.


Oh, wow, what I long post I have going here.:cool:



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Rachael, I would not read too much into that, and no, you were not out of place at all. He was possibly just in a bad mood, or unhappy with the class for some reason, or had too many classes that day, or whatever. I'm sure it was not personal or intended that way.

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