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The Lame Duck

Brendan McCarthy

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Can anyone talk me through the 'Lame Duck'? It came up at the last class I went to, but I've been finding it hard to remember the details. None of the usual ballet dictionaries refer to it - and I wonder if it's a term used only here in Britain.

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Brendan, run a search on "lame duck" using the buttons at the top of your page, then follow threads that talk about "piqué turns en dehors" - they're the same thing. American and British dancerslang have the expression in common.:)

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Major Mel, thanks! I should have thought to do a site search, but when Google offered so little, I had begun to wonder if the term 'lame duck' was just a local usage here.

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Not only "lame", but at the point where I was a student and a lot of Army Brats were my classmates, the expression was also "RUPTURED" duck! That after the overseas service pin from WWII worn by a lot of parents who were still in service in the 60s.

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Am I correct in saying this is usually a step done by women? My teacher rarely tries to teach it to me because she says men never do it. Of course, I'm not going to argue. I hate the step.

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Usually, it is, but I recall that the last diagonal of the Prince's variation in Act III Sleeping Beauty has a couple in there.

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