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is there are other dance form or exercise in particular that helps ballet? I'n a late-ish beginner and i'm not very strong at ballet, i mean, i'm sort of weak. I can't hold balances well, my toes don't point nicely, i can't lift my leg very high at all and my general fitness is down. I was wondering does any one have any ideas? I'd like to do a pilates or yoga class, but they aren't very availible in NZ. I only do one class a week, and I'm battling for more...you can see my thread on 'more classes...........'

so any ideas would be great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


love Emily

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Emily, the best thing would be to get more ballet classes, obviously. It is very, very hard to make progress with one class a week :) If that is impossible, then almost anything else you can take, Pilates, yoga, jazz, modern, whatever you can find. But do try to get more ballet classes!

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Guest Katrina_54

Hi Emily,

I'm like you (a late ballet starter). Last year I took up yoga and it's awesome! I don't take classes at a studio or anything...I do it at my house with yoga videos. They work just as well. You could probably find yoga tapes...if not, you could always order them over the internet. Yoga really helps flexibility and it tones your muscles, and helps you relax.

Good luck with your ballet!!!



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