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My legs cramp up the night after ballet, when I wake up for a few seconds it is very painful. I immediately stretch my leg out, and it goes away very quickly. Also after not going to class for a couple of weeks and not doing to much exercise, my ankles, toes, hamstrings etc all cramp up. It is really annoying and reasonably painful. I stretch slowly and I walk it out. I tried eating bananas and I have always drunk alot of milk.

Does any one else get this? Are there any threads on this? Any one got any ideas on how to help it and on whats wrong?




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Emily, you can run your own search for threads by using the "search" button at the top of the page. A search on "cramp" will yield 31 results. You might also search under "spasms" and see what comes up.


Since you are 14, the possibility is very strong that you may be encountering the famous "growing pains" where the bones and muscles have stretched in a growth spurt, but the slower-growing nerve tissue hasn't caught up yet. This one just takes time. I note with interest that you are taking a relatively few ballet classes. Taking more and doing stretches while thoroughly warmed up as either a between-barre-and-center activity or as an after-class cool-down may also alleviate cramps at other times.

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Ok...I see, its just that extra classes are a dream, not a reality for me. I'll see. Also my hip flexors get really sore after sitting cross legged for a while and its almost impossible to sit with my legs to the side cos it hurts my knees.


I know what growing pains feel like, they are less intense and are just a strong but dull ache.

Thanks for the search info!



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