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Desire To Dance Again

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It's been a few years now since I've taken any sort of dance, whether it be ballet, jazz, contemporary of hip-hop. I'm eager to get back into the studio as long as there no health restrictions like having to be fauci ouchied or be required to wear a mask. 

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Hope you can sort out a way to return to the studio!  I recently had COVID and for me it really has taken my breath away.  That is to say, I notice even three months post "recovery" that I easily become winded.  I am grateful that I was Vac twice and Boosted twice beforehand as I suspect I would have suffered much worse without those precautions.  I think they want me to wait 1 more month before I get the third booster.  I am 65 and don't want to mess around so I am counting the days till I can get B-3.  

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I think it would be great for you to get back into the studio even if it is less often than it was previously! In the part of the country that I live in there aren't any restrictions any more even wearing a mask. 

About having to wear a mask - It is a lot easier than you would think to dance in a mask especially if you get the right kind. 

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I think it's great that studios are opening up, and if keeping those around us healthy means wearing a mask, then that's what we need to do. As other posters have said, there are masks and masks! I've learnt to breathe differently and control my breath more - which is an unexpected bonus!

But if you're not comfortable in a mask, and many people do find them distressing, then maybe it's about ringing around studios to ask about their policies?

Here in the UK, wearing a mask is entirely a personal decision, but it's good to see that when people have an ordinary cold (not COVID) they often now wear a mask to protect other people from the cold virus. 

But it's a personal decision now, so let's try not to descend into political argy-bargy.

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All of the studios around me have moved to a mask optional policy, as basically all government restrictions were lifted. I didn’t mind dancing/teaching in a mask, like other have said with the right masks it’s not so bad. But my skin is much happier now to be dancing without one.

I still see many studios in the US having to wear masks in class, which must be frustrating. I think as a country (Canada) we had one of the highest vaccine rates, which drastically reduced the severity and number of covid cases here, allowing us the privilege to go back to life as normal.   Funny how it works, if everyone works together to take measures in preventing the spread of a virus, the sooner everyone can get back to normal. It seems like in the states, in areas of less vaccine compliance, everyone is still dancing in masks. 

Especially in a dance studio where germs and viruses can spread so easily, it’s nice to know that all my fellow dancers are protecting themselves and others. 

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I actually enjoy that it’s socially acceptable to wear a mask now.  If I have a winter cough (or if parents send their kids with runny noses to class), I have a backup option that helps keep everyone safe.  I’ve gotten a lot of milage out of pretending I’m at the top of a mountain and the air is thinner!

I recently took my first post-many things class and it felt so good!  Looking forward to trying flamenco tomorrow…

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Unfortunately even when I was wearing a mask my teacher could tell when I was counting the music with my mouth!  I thought I would get a "free pass" for that, but no such luck, lol.  

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