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A bit disappointed


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I know we've had conversations and posts before about not getting the chance to get decent classes for adults, but I've just had knock-back and I'm very disappointed.


I had got in touch with a studio a couple of months ago after getting frustrated with only doing 1 1-hour class a week, and they sounded really positive and suggested that I might be able to join higher grade classes as I was more serious than just keeping fit. They wanted to take a look at me first which was fair enough, and then I could start. Then I was sick over the summer so couldn't go before the term finished, and I've rung them this morning to arrange when I could go in, but they've decided I'm 'too old' :) to join a students class, and they want me go to the 'Adult Ballet for Fun' class, which is another 1-hour class.


So at this rate, I am going to be going to 3 or 4 different studios a week to get enough classes, as all of them round here only seem do 1-hour classes for 'adult fun ballet'.


Am I wrong in asking for or expecting more? I love my ballet and I'm not bad at it, just average, but I do want to be a bit more serious than an hours class will allow. Please tell me I'm not alone.

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Hi Tracey, you are going to get a lot of replies to this because you are not alone, and you have every right to be annoyed with this studio, especially since they seemed really positive to begin with.:mad:


Before I moved to London there were 2 places where I lived which thought that recreational adult ballet did not necessarily have to mean 'fun'. Of course, the classes were fun to do, but the teachers took the students seriously and there was a lot of emphasis made on improving and facing new challenges and that kind of thing.


It's been on other threads that I've found it hard to find somewhere to match a class to my (mediocre I think is the best way of looking at it) level - all the classes I went to were too easy or too hard. It's taken me a year to find somewhere I like!


All I can really say is keep trying. Maybe you could re-approach the school that knocked you back? Tell them you want to try it. They won't lose from you being in the class if they see that you're serious and determined. It's hard to go back but you might have to persevere if this is the only place where you feel you are going to get the training you need.


Hope this is helpful. No, you are not alone! Do something nice for yourself tonight and on no account think it is a case of personal rejection! You will find your class! It might just take a while.;)

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Tracey, one thing to do and it might be hard, is to either phone up that school again and ask exactly why? and explain what doing a good ballet class would mean to you. Or to pop into the school and actually speak to one of the teachers or head of the school and talk about a 'trial' period in class. If the school is really nice, and you really want to dance there, then be prepared to do as much as you can to get in, in a nice way though.


What's probably happened is they may have expected you to turn up on the original date and had told the class beforehand perhaps. Then you didn't turn up, and someone in the class might have expressed concerns at having an 'older' person in it and then everyone joined in, and before you know it they had decided against it due to your age, rather than who you are as person. IF it was primarily a teenager class (you don't mention it), this could easily have happened. But you need to ask the teacher why she decided not to.


Bascially, you either show how determined you are and that you are in fact quite able to join in with 'younger' dancers without sticking out, or you use this experience to make you more determined to actually find a better place that you don't know about yet. Which is quite often the case.


Rule number one, try not to mention your age. "Hi I'm X, I have danced for a few years and would like to try out your class. Is it OK if I drop in?" Unless they ask how old you are.Its not necessary.


Do any of your current teachers know the teacher at this school you wanted to go? as they might be able to put in a good word for you if they do.


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Thanks guys for your responses.


Jeannette, the way I'd left it with them at the end of last term is that they'd send me their booklet (she even earmarked the classes that she thought I could do), and then I would either try and make a class before the end of last term or go around now, but just to ring them to let them know which class I wanted to join.


I would have thought it is a teen class, but I don't look my age (I can pass for a young 23/24). I thought I might join their 'fun' class for a term, while doing other adult classes too, to help rebuild my strength after being so ill, and then push for a move at the end of this term. I'll see what's in the next lot of gumph they're sending me and then ring back with more questions.


I don't know whether any of my current teachers know her, I'll have to ask, but that's a good idea, thanks :)

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Guest dancerwannabe

If you push hard enough and show commitment, they will likely let you in.. My studio just recently let me join the 11-13 year old intermediate classes. (I'm soon to be 27) I've got to be the worst one in it too.. But at first there was no way I was going to get in.. and now they are cool with it. You just have to be sure once you get in to go all the time..

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Yes dancerwannabe has an improtant point there...once you start dancing with teens in their classes, you have to go all the time or let the teacher know in advance if you are not going to be able to turn up for a class.

There is nothing more that will keep adults out of teen classes, than missing classes. If you go to a teen class you have to go by their rules.

So that is important to remember. YOu need to set a good example, and being the oldest in the class, it usually is up to you.

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I am fully aware of the commitment you have to give. At this particular studio they ask for two terms fees in advance and you have to give a terms notice if you want to stop going (for the 'fun' class you only have to pay a term in advance).


I am going to have to try to get in through the back door - go to their adult class (and as many classes as I can do elsewhere) and prove to them that I am committed like dancerwannabe has :D . They don't know me, haven't yet seen me dance yet, so I am going to have to be patient. I am very impressed with the dance mistress's background, which is why I am so keen to get in to have a look.



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I'm so glad you found another class you can take!! :D


I hope it works out for you. Are they pushing you more than your old class? Are you getting better corrections?


Very happy for you.



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Guest dancerwannabe

2 left feet,

Hey you!!! I'm really happy that they let me take the classes with the younger girls! I find that these classes are much more physically demanding than the regular adult classes. I love that! I like that the class is a bit more disciplined. They correct me more and more as I continue to attend the teen classes (Its called intermediate c) and I have noticed that for some reason I am getting better corrections in my regular adult classes as well. My new friday class has a half hour of pointe as well and I'm allowed to participate. I have been wearing the shoes that Heidi fitted me with and I really am very happy with them. They aren't painful in any way at all. They have also let us do about a half hour of pointe after my regular adult classes. I would love to take the Intermed. C classes on mondays and wednesdays as well but I can't since I've started taking classes at UK...headed for another bachelors...this time in biology instead of business.




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