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Hi. I'm Christy. I'm 17 and really want to get back into ballet. I quit this March. I was at the highest level my studio had. I regret quitting. I will be starting all over to beginning adult ballet, which is frustrating. I also really want to get back to pointe eventually. I've started practicing pirouettes, piques, chaines, arabesques, releves, battements(petit, grand, frappe, and tendu), positions of the feet, splits, bridges, port de bras, attitudes, entrechants, and developpes. So my question is, how long do you think it will take before I'll get to advance to the next level? Thanks.



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Welcome, Christy, to the Adult Students' Forum on Ballet Talk here at Ballet Alert! Online!


While it is impossible to say at what rate you will progress for any number of reasons (Are you physically well-suited to ballet? Do you learn combinations easily? Is the studio you plan to attend capable of turning out highly capable dancers? And more.), the only way definitely to fail to advance is not to start back! Time's a-wasting! Make sure you're going to get the best training you can get, then go ahead! (Sort of a variation on another Tennesseean, Davy Crockett - "Be sure you're right, then go ahead!)

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