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I am a parent with a dancer enrolled in Dwight Global Online High School, affiliated with the Dwight School, located in New York City. Would anyone like to share their experiences with online learning?

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Hi @Svan Lake - the school looks amazing, my concern is the flexibility of the classes. With ballet schedules changing dramatically each year, I'm concerned that my daughter would miss a lot of the real-time seminar classes. I assume, then, that the educational experience would be less rich? How do the students make school work for them if they have nutty schedules? She's using GWUOHS at the moment.

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Svan Lake your usage of the word "purport" is a bit odd to me. Either you are an established resource, or you are not. Only those employed by a particular organization can represent an organization. If you are the parent of a student in this program, you can only address your experience with the school. Please rephrase your original post or establish that you actually do represent them. 

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