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Ed McPherson

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Thank you all for your wisdom. I can use all I can get!

I would like to talk to Ed a little more since he has had some experience in the school!


Thank You again!

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My problem with the whole thing is that I am 99% sure my family would not qualify for a financial need based scholarship, if we do, then it would be very small. They have the money, but they expect me to go to college and do not believe that I can ever be a professional dancer. Their judgement is really unfair though, because they have never come to see me in class, and have only seen me dance three times ever, and those were peformances when I was really nervous and did not do as well as I could have done. They have agreed to let me at least audition, however. I read what Major Johnson said about it being a huge blow to the ego to not get a merit based scholarship, but I should at least try, shouldn't I? My dancer teacher even agreed to drive me four hours to the auditions if my parents woudn't, so she believes in me, doesn't she?

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Let's further clarify what's meant by different terminologies in eduspeak, so that we're all on the same page. Very Good Professional Ballet School is a good term. What it means in pedaguese, however, is that they offer ballet and only ballet at the school. A "residential" school provides rooms. A "boarding" school provides meals. An "academy" provides all educational services. So what we're looking for here is a residential boarding academy for ballet students.:rolleyes:

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I hope you would consider Harid! Harid only charges your room and board, and is located in Florida!!! doesnt get much better than that! and let me tell you, being up here in Michigan, weather is worth considering, esp if you are suseptible to seasonal depression.

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And a big welcome goes to boydancer05 to the Young Dancers' Forums here at Ballet Talk on Ballet Alert! Online!:)


We hope you'll become a frequent poster here, and will take advantage of all the different forums on the board. Be sure to check Men's Forum, too, and don't feel shy about opening topics on the General Discussion or other places when you have something to ask or tell. Thanks for the help here, with Harid!

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Guest Jaime

I really want to become a professional ballet dancer... but I know I need more training. I live 1 1/2 - 2 hrs from NYC...do you think it is worth leaving school (age:15, Grade: 10)?

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Jaime, if you are studying at a professional school now, like The Rock School, for instance, then there should be no need to leave home before you graduate from high school.

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Jaime, it's not so much that it is a "bad" idea, but we just think it is a better idea for a child to remain at home as long as possible, as long as they are receiving good training where they are. If someone has a great deal of talent and ability and does not live anywhere near any good training, then it is probably necessary to go away fairly early, however, if one has a good home as well as academic and ballet school, then we see no reason to go away. :)

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Guest Jaime

See the place I go to has 4 great teachers (one was a princapal with the PA Ballet and another with the Bolshoi Ballet) The only problem is the school is not well known.

All of the historys of dancers I have read mostly go somewhere well known like SAB for example around my age...?

Even my teacher said that I need to get around more....PLEASE HELP!

(I'm thinking about next year)

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