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Good morning, has anyone out there tried Eleve dancewear, if so, what is your opinion, I am interested in purchasing their products. Til now I am a big fan of WearMoi.

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My DD has a few Eleve and loves them. I am a big fan of the quality. They are nice and thick, and the material is so soft. Their white leos are not sheer like other brands. Great choice for those heading to SAB this summer!

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I have a few leotards from elevé and I agree the quality is very good, the material and seams are sturdy, and the lace is super strong (compared to wear moi which falls apart in the wash).

What I don’t like about elevé is some of their styles are “fashion” over “function”, I have 2 leotards from elevé that are very supportive and 2 that are not at all. The material they use is supportive in itself, but if the straps aren’t placed properly then the material can’t support anything. 

Plus, a lot of the styles they offer are not very aesthetically pleasing for ballet, they seem to be better for jazz and theatre, styles that emphasize strong shoulders and have a lot of straight lines, if that makes sense. But they have a few styles which I think are very nice. 

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I recently purchased a pair of Kam pants for men, they fit and feel great. May purchase some other items in the near future!

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