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Kimin Kim!

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I watched the Mariinsky's 2019 version of Le Corsaire on Youtube yesterday, and Kimin Kim as Ali was incredible!!!

He was literally FLYING through the air, I didn't know it was possible to jump up that high! His technique was spotless, and I loved the way he used the accents in the music to emphasize certain arms and movements. Every movement and expression was clearly thought about, and he really totally became the character. 

I have also read the articles about him in Pointe Magazine and Dance Magazine (I think). He is so inspiring, and such a powerhouse dancer! I can't wait to hopefully see him dance one day! 

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@nikiya317 - I saw him perform live and it's the only time in recent memory I can remember people yelling and clapping in the middle of a performance - going absolutely wild, with no regard to the scene or what was happening in the story. He's other-worldly!

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@nikiya317 - I believe it was Le Corsaire, and it may have been the same tour where you saw the YouTube video. I saw it performed at the Kennedy Center!

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We saw Kimin Kim perform La Bayadere with Mariinsky in California in 2019. It was magnificent!
Mariinsky used to come every so often (previously,  Cinderella in California in 2015). But not sure when we will see them live in the US next given what is going on…

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That's incredible! I will look for clips of him doing La Bayadere, I have a feeling he is a fabulous Solor! :) I hope they come visit soon, it would be unreal to see them in person! 

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