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French ballet schools

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Guest sdfytdfghfy

Hi! First of all i'd like to introduce myself. My name is Isabella and i'm 15:) ......i just have a weird sn here cause i was frustrated cause ALLLL the names were taken. so i typed in that garble, pressed enter, and it worked! so thats good...just now i'm stuck with a funny sn!

Well so i have question...i really want to go to france and live there for a year or so. i also want to do ballet! so i thought, if i could go to a french ballet school......so i was wondering, what ballet schools are there in france that are open to international students? i know the paris opera ballet school is one.....thanks!

love, Isabella

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Hi, Isabella, and welcome to the Young Dancers' forums here at Ballet Talk on Ballet Alert! Online!


Don't worry about the screenname! If we're in a pinch, we can always call you "Sid"~;) But since you've got such a nice name, we'll use that.


The most well-attended and well-connected French school which specializes in international students is probably the Rosella Hightower Center in Cannes.

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