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Capezio Flexus Split-Sole Canvas ballet Slippers

Guest pointe

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Has anyone tried these ballet slippers? I would like to get a new pair of ballet slippers and am contemplating between Capezio Flexus and Sansha Pro #1, which seems to have good response. I've always worn leather ballet slippers and demi-pointes and want to try canvas slippers for a change. ;) :D



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Guest beckster

I've just bought my first pair of sansha pro #1 split soles, after only having worn leather full-sole and pointe shoes. I can't believe the difference they make to how my foot looks! Split soles are my new favourite thing. What a shame we can't wear them for exams. Lots of people seem to love any kind of split soles, so of course the best thing for you to do is to try both makes on and see which fits your foot best.

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I've tried both types of shoes you mentioned--I like both! The canvas of the Capezios seems to be a little bit more giving than that of the Sanshas, but on the other hand, the Sanshas seem to last longer. Right now I have a pair of each and rotate wearing them.

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Beckster, I wore my split sole Sanshas for my G6 exam. My teacher wanted me to wear satin like the others, but I got a new pair of satin and a pair of canvas and she agreed the canvas looked better and said if I was more comfortable in them, that it was okay. She is an RAD examiner so I am sure she wouldn't have let me if you aren't allowed! On the RAD website it says you can wear leather, canvas or satin.

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Guest fastfeets

I love the Sansha split sole canvas slippers....they're very comfortable, and make a beautiful line....so far, they've lasted pretty long...not as long as leather, but I've never really liked leather slippers for myself.



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I need new shoes and something that will give a bit by the big toe. I am constantly having ingrown toenail problems and if the shoes are tight in this area I am in a lot of pain. I know they should fit tight, but does anyone know of shoes that would stretch a bit more?(from what was said here previously, I am thinking of trying the capezio canvas that was mentioned). any others you know of? Thanks.

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Bloch Prolite II's are great (canvas). I had the Sanshas for a while, but now I love my Blochs more than the Sanshas (sorry Sansha). My feet feel nicer in the Blochs so far and they don't have so much material under the ball of the foot as the Sanshas do. They have a slightly higher vamp as well so it holds my foot better.

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Guest girlintheworld

I've had Capezio's leather split soles for a while now and they've been all right. I just bought a pair of Sansha Pro #1 and my feet look so much better. I love how they hug the arch. I can agree with Xena that there is a lot of material under the ball of the foot, but otherwise they feel great.

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