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Hello everyone. :D I am still happy because of the good night I had last night. What made last night happier is that now I am going to finally be able to learn to partner. I haven't done partnering before because they're are no guys at our studio, so I am very excited! :D So, my teacher told me that when I partner I must hold my center very strong. Okay, I am working on that. But she also told me something I didn't quite understand. She said that I must pull way up to create space between my last rib and my hips so he can hold me. What does that mean? What should I do? I do mat have a lot of space between my last rib and my hip. I am not actually going to be practicing with the guy for several months because he is not from our studio, but does anyone have any tips or things I can and should go ahead and begin working on now? I want to be successful! Thanks! :)

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What your teacher is getting at is not letting your torso scrunch up between hip and ribs and not giving the partner someplace to grab onto. It's really not that critical. Any partner will find something to grab onto to get a grip for a promenade!

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