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an often question, but i have doubts

Guest DancingKimikeli

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Guest DancingKimikeli

HI, Im new here, but I really needed to find a place like this to get out of certain doubts. I started ballet when I was 17, now Im 18, and do you think it is posible that I will ever make it to pointe? I really would love to someday. Also, Im not so flexible/strechable, is there a posibility that if I keep trying, I'll be flexible enough? And, how can I best deal with hyper extended knees? which is a little "problem I have". I hope I can get some answers and advices. I am really upset because I think I wont be able to make it far. :confused: :D

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If you work really hard and take 3 or more technique classes a week, you should eventually make it on pointe; not everyone can do it, but many people who work hard and are serious about it, do make it. It really comes down to ability, that is technique and strength, and not age. I went on Pointe at 26, and know many people have gone on pointe much older than I did.

If you check the Pointe shoe board here at Ballet Talk, Victoria Leigh posted some information about who should and who should not be on pointe.

Anyway, don't worry so much about your age, you are definitely not too old, it is really a matter of ability.

As for your flexibility, just keep working at it. Practice is the key to flexibility.

I can't remember your third question, but I am sure someone else will get to it.

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Hello DancingKimikeli, welcome to the Adult Ballet Students forum on Ballet Talk! :D


You are still young, but yet the body is that of an adult, so, how much you can change it will depend a lot on how hard you are willing to work at it. It's not easy once one has finished growing. Whether you can achieve pointe level or not will depend on your physical aptitude for ballet and the quality and quantity of your training.


The hyperextension is controlled totally by correct placement. You have to learn exactly how to align the bones and place your weight so that you don't push back into the hyperextension. You might also need a small adjustment in your first and fifth positions. Your teacher is the one to help you with this, and one would have to see you and work with you to adjust it correctly.

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