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Mr Robin

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Hi all


Just wondering if the UK-dwellers still fancy organising a London get-together after August's unsuccessful attempt? My schedule's certainly a lot more flexible in October - what about everyone else? It'd still be great to meet you all!




PS - Did anyone tape the second part of 'The Dancer's Body' by any chance? To my horror I forgot to set the video, so if anyone could send me a tape I would, of course, reimburse them for tape, postage etc!

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Hi, I would of course be interested! Meeting people so far has been good.


Does anyone plan to have the Dancer's body series on tape - So far I have missed two of them and I will not see it on Saturday either because I have too much social life and a video that doesn't tape things. ;)


What kind of fiend is in charge of scheduling at the BBC?!!

Monkeys would do a better job.

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Kate - thanks to Tracey, I should have the whole series on tape, so long as I don't forget next week too... It would be no problem to run you off a copy and pop it in the post (or just bring it down to the get-together!).

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Cool, Robin - if you could bring it when we meet up that would be smart.


What sort of get-together do we have in mind this time around?

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I thought the original idea of Sunday beginners' class at Danceworks followed by pub lunch wasn't a bad idea. Having said that, Friday/Saturday night drinks would be quite acceptable too! I'm assuming that weekends are best for everyone - is that the case? I'm well overdue some time off, so a week-night isn't impossible either... I'm open to suggestions, basically!

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Weekends are best for me! Anything that involves chatting also suits. But I would do the class if people were into that, too. Sorry, I am not feeling terribly decisive!

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Guest cygnet2


I'd be up for a get together in London! I normally try the 2nd class on a Sunday, but I have to leave before the end when it gets too complicated and fast! So if you know where you'll be I could meet later.

Friday and Saturdays can be OK but I often work then - there's no pattern to my work, so that may well not work!

Keep me posted with the plan!

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Glad to see someone else's interested - starting to think that poor turnout would be descriptive of the get-together, rather than a topic of discussion! Any other takers? Beckster? Brendan? Lolly?


Oh - and did anyone tape the last TWO episodes of The Dancer's Body, by any chance? Managed to miss the third episode despite being in at the time (!), and Tracey's Digibox lost her recording of the second... Doh!

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Shame October isn't good for everyone. I'm sure we'll manage a full get-together sometime in the future, though!


Well - shall we try and find a date that suits the rest of us? The weekend-after-next is quite good for me (18th-20th) - how's that for everyone else?

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Guest cygnet2

The weekend 18-20 October is pretty full up - working Fri night, Sat 10.30am to 9.30pm, then Sunday at 3! I hope there might be another option - don't know my schedules yet.

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