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Pointe work with RAD/UKA

Guest *Victoria*

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Guest beckster

In RAD, pointe work is only for those people who are on the "vocational" track exams. It starts once grade 4 or 5 has been passed, when the pupil starts intermediate (used to be called elementary) or perhaps pre-inter. Pointe work is not examined in the higher grades (6-8).


I don't know about the other syllabus you mentioned.

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I am moving this post to the young dancers 13 - 16 section since this is a technique question and not a specific pointe shoes topic.

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In a "childhood up" based RAD curriculum, that is, one that starts Primary at six to seven years of age, students in grade 5 are usually eleven or twelve years old. They are also taking sufficient numbers of classes in a week to give them the strength besides the technique to carry on pointe work. By the end of grade 5, many students are started with pointe, depending on age, technical accomplishment, and strength. No student is advanced to pointe simply by passing a certain level, but only on the decision of the teacher, who is supposed to be the arbiter of readiness.

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i do my exams with the RAD, and am working on intermediate (elementary) at the moment. only on the major exams (the ones with fancy names!) are you examined on pointe, but of course you can still be learning it while doing your grade exams. hope that helps!

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