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what is it??

Guest Katrina_54

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It's board, When, After you have done a certain amount of posts, You can post on. It is a chat board.

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Right, Mary. We started Buddy Board in order to allow Young Dancers a chance to talk about stuff not particularly focused on technical or performance issues, or that have no real answers, just preferences. And because some wanted it, it's also a place that email addresses can be posted "in the clear" because people who aren't admitted there can't see the contents of the posts. It's not perfectly secure, but to our knowledge, it's never been hacked, so....


A poster has to have been on the board for two weeks (14 days) minimum and have thirty posts in order to be (manually!) admitted by an Administrator. You also have to ask to be admitted! Oddly, some of the Young Dancers haven't, and show no interest in a chat forum! To each his own!

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