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How do all of you guys handle your homework load from school on top of your dancing? I try and do it during class when my teachers give us time to work on it (unlike my classmates- who are usually complaining about how much homework they have or socializing with their friends), though I sometimes have to work on it at home. I think this is an appropriate topic for this forum- since most of us have homework and it's related to ballet.

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Guest pavlovadancer

Ahh well, I try and do whatever homework I can. I have to do my own studying as well (non-school assigned), so I usually do them on Saturday and Sunday. Right now however, I have to cut ballet class because of the exams. Get a little last minute studying in...my parents seem to think it helps. I don't know whether to be thankful to them or angry, since I love ballet so much I wouldn't be able to make that decision for myself and stick with it. The last-minute studying helps.... I try and get in a class at least once a week though... After the exams I shall see if my teacher will let me take class every day. I'm not sure that there is a class of my standard going everyday, though.

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Guest tasha56

Well i try to do the prep that is set on the night, however if you are unable to do it then explain your situation to the teacher thats what i do or if that "isnt a good enough excuse " as some of my teachers have said then tell your house tutor or someone in a supirior postion and maybe you can come to some kind of agreement.:)

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Guest ScottieGDE13

aah- a subject that is so very near and dear to my heart... but I wish it weren't. I used to be able to do a lot of my homework at school, but now that I am taking three AP classes, that doesn't work. The simple answer is: you have to do it at home. The harder question is: How do I get it done and still get to dance? You really just have to learn to organize your time. Write down all your assignments, no matter how small, so you don't forget them. Generally what I do is work on the highest priority first. If you have a test tomorrow and you need to study- that comes before working on that essay that is due next week. If there are things of equal priority, do the larger task so that you can get it over with. Set a time aside for you to do your work and do it at that same time everyday. I do all (or most) of my homework from about 3 until 5 everyday. By then I have all or most of it done. If it's not all done I go ahead and go to dance and then come home right away and finish the remaining.


Just remember to manage things and prioritize and realize that sometimes you just have to do things that are inconvenient in order to get things done.


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Guest Katrina_54

hello!! :D

I always do my homework on the way to dance class. I can get a lot done. My dance studio is about a 30 min drive and I can usually complete the homework I didn't finish after school. Last year, I had to skip a few dance classes because I left big essays and assignments to the night before:( Then I learned to finish it right when it got assigned, so I wouldn't miss anything important. I sometimes take my homework to dance class, because sometimes class doesn't always start right away, and I can get a couple questions done during a break and stuff. Sometimes though, I feel I am overloaded with homework at the times when I have the most dance practices, and that's really hard. :)


I know this probably doesn't help much!! lol




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I Don't have this problem. So I hope this might help, But, Why not try Study Hall? If your school has it.

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i completely understand your problem, but what i usually do is come home from school, have dinner at 4, then get straight to homework and i'm usually done by the time i have to leave for dance class. if i'm not all done, there's usually around a half hour after dance that is free to finish off. i dont have much free time (my friends get annoyed with me cos i never call them!), but maybe an earlier dinner might help. my main problem is, that when i'm doing my homework all i can concentrate on is ballet!!!


hope that helps, luv orly xxxxxxxxx

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Oh how I wish I only had 30mins of homework each night! I take four AP classes (5 exams though, because economics is double AP) so I average about 3.5 hours a night (This is considered normal at my school). The only way I live is because of spares (breaks in my timetable where I have no class). I managed to take one non-AP course as independent study so that I can be more flexible with my time. But, truth be told, I never get all my work done. Realistically, it's impossible.

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