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Comparison between SI's (Canada)

Guest sylphide*4ever

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Guest sylphide*4ever

I'm already thinking about which SI's I want to attend next summer. Since I'm only 13, my parents don't want me to leave home to a foreign place, so my choices are limited to Toronto. The National Ballet School has a summer program there, but it is supposedly the second audition step into the full-time academic/professional program. Would it be appropriate for me to audition even if I don't have any interest for the professional program?


There is another option, called Sun Dance, which is officially affiliated with the RAD. They teach technique and pointe according to the RAD syllabus, and also Limon Modern technique. There are professional teachers (former dancers from National Ballet of Canada and Royal Winnepeg Ballet) directing this program. A dilemma with this program is that I'm not sure which category I would be in. Advanced is for anyone who has completed the Intermediate level in RAD vocational grades, which includes pointe classes. Intermediate is for anyone who is at the level of Intermediate Foundation and Grade 5, offering no pointe classes from my understanding. I'm doing my Intermediate exam in May, and I've been en pointe since last August. Which program would I be more suitable for?



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I'd audition for both!


If you make the National program, but don't want to attend, you can always decline (in writing, of course, using good business etiquette).


It sounds like you're really more interested in Sun Dance, so see if you can make the cut as far as the Intermediate, even though there may be no pointe. It certainly sounds as though you've passed your grade 5, so you qualify! Who knows, at the audition, they might decide to bounce you up a level, even though you don't have the Intermediate paperwork yet!:)

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