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Seamed tights

Guest beckster

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Guest beckster

Can anyone recommend a brand of seamed tights? I usually wear non-seamed microfibre ones but I find they go a bit see-through after a while. On the other end of the scale I have a pair of the very cheap but old-fashioned type of seamed tights which appear to be about 2000 denier, and feel and look hideous. Is there a happy medium?

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Hi beckster, I've only ever come across one kind of seamed tights, and that's the 2000-denier kind!


I don't mind them so much, except that I will NEVER handwash anything because I'm too lazy, so these tights always lose their colour very fast, and they are even less flattering that sort of grey colour than they are when they are new and pink. I wish they were more washing machine friendly!:mad: ;)

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Hi beckster,

I used to wear black, seamed tights all the time, until i discovered the capezio stretch and hold. I did like the seamed ones though and i still have them, but I would have to double check the brand. The ones I liked were a convertable foot, and were either danskin or capezio. I'll let you know.

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Guest Tibbit

Well, I don't know about seamed tights, but I have to tell you, I don't recommend danskin tights, the convertible ones at any rate. Every pair I bought ran the first day or two. I finally switched to Cappezio. I have had the same pair for a good month or two, and still no runners (some people call them ladders), and the color and shape are just fine, I put mine in the washer, but not the dryer. I just wear the regular capezio convertible tights, they are great. Oh ya, the capezios are softer than danskin too.

So, if you find seamed tights by capezio, you might just want to try them.


Sorry, I thought I had bloch tights, but it was danskin. For me the danskin ran a lot, other than that they hold up well and I still use them simply because I can't afford new tights, runners or no. I still maintain that I like capezios tights much better, still no runners and the hole is larger on the convertible tights, which to me, is a good thing. Also the hole is is more reinforced than on the danskin convertibles. That is where my runners came from. Sorry to confuse you.

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Both Danskin and Capezio make seamed convertible and non-convertible tights. They are 100% nylon and last a very long time.

They can be ordered on-line if your stores don't carry them.

If you don't want to hand-wash, just put them in the delicate cycle of the washing machine. If they are still in very good condition, but faded (don't use bleach!) since they are nylon, you can freshen up the color with just a little bit of dye solution.

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I checked the brand and they are Danskin. Very comfy and hold up well (I used the ones that I had for ages, still have them, and no runs!!). I wash them in the machine in a lingerie bag to protec them.

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