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Not hurt, but a bit spooked


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I had an experience in class the other day that has happened to me once or twice before. I didn't hurt myself, but I fell - and I'm not sure why.


We were doing saut de chat, and when I landed it felt like as I plied, my calf muscle just decided not to support me any more, and just suddenly relaxed - so I fell over. As I said, it didn't hurt then, and I'm not feeling any effects since then. I've taken class since this happened and I'm fine. Was this just muscle fatigue? Did I plie too far and stretch my calf or achilles too much? Has anyone else had this happen to them?

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Hi Boots


Fristly, I have to ask, a saut de chat is that the same step as a pas de chat? I am not sure of the step otherwise.


Muscle fatigue is one cause. The last time I fell, and quite bad it was as I thought I had broken my ankle at the time, was because I was incredibly tired, and my muscle instead fo supporting me, just gave way under me.

Where you at all fatigued/dehydrated?




Oh it's OK, I remember now..its a grande jete but you develop the front leg. I swear we call that something else..but I can't remember..Ithink I left my brain at home this morning!

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Guest piccolo

On rare occasions, a leg will give way under me. Just like you, it doesn't hurt and I don't feel any bad effects afterwards, but it is a bit weird. I've always thought it happens when something is out of alignment so my muscles are unable to support me as they should.

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P.S. Boots I am glad you were not hurt by the way :) yes it is a shock to the system. BUt you got up and carried on which is a good thing.

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Thanks Xena. Yes - I was fine and carried on. And it was quite a graceful exit! :) I don't recall feeling fatiqued at all, and I doubt that I was dehydrated, as I always carry a water bottle with me and have plenty before, during and after class. But who knows, I might have been more tired than I realized.


Piccolo - you've got me wondering if maybe my alignment was a bit off and I just couldn't support my weight in whatever weird position I was in.

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And in some other circles, it's called a "pas de chat jeté" I'm glad you weren't hurt, too. Sometimes the muscles just "go on strike" momentarily, and nothing you can do will stop them. Fortunately, it doesn't happen very often, and you did exactly right by pressing on!:)

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And we used to call it 'saut de biche' in France ;)

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