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too tall?

Guest tasha56

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Guest tasha56

hello i have had a few comments to say that i am too tall to do ballet but i love it. i am 13 yrs old and im 5 foot 4 inches is this too tall should i give it up?:confused:

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I don't think you're too tall. I'm 14 and 5'3 ( I think i'm really 5'4, but my doctor doesn't think so). I don't think there really is a height that is too tall for ballet. You're fine, be happy with how you are.

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Guest Broken Shimmer

Audrey Hepburn was told she was too tall to be a professional ballerina. But of course that was back in the day and times have changed now. But Audrey was also like 5'7".


I was on the Natalie Leotards website and there are dancers taller than you. Sometimes height can determine a part you get or something but it doesn't mean you can't do ballet. Don't give up on it!!

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That's ridiculous! There are women with successful ballet careers today who are six feet tall, off pointe!

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Victoria Leigh

Hello tasha, welcome to the Young Dancers' forum on Ballet Alert! Online :)


5'4" is certainly not too tall, and even if you grow a bit more it will still not be too tall. It sounds to me like you just had most of your growth very early, and there may not be that much more. But even if there is, there are no rules about that today, as Mr. Johnson said!

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Perfect Performer

I Am around your age and I am 5'6! And there are still people taller then me, And younger!!

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I completely understand your problem, but mine is that i'm 14 years old and 5"8! in my family we stop growing early, so i know i'm finished now! still though, my body is the right shape for ballet, just a little tall. i've been worried about my height and ballet, but i've been told over and over that it doesnt matter and that there are taller girls out there. i'm going to go for it anyway, and you should too if thats what you want!


lotsa luv xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Guest Dancing Angel

You won't believe how tall I am. I'm 5'7 and only 13! I hope I stop growing.


I've actually had a porblem with my height. I week ago I found out I can't be in Nutracker because the costume is too short on me. You see, when my teacher came from Russia ( Kirov) she brought some costumes and the Russian dancers aren't so tall . Anyways, I tryed a snowflake costume and it was too short.My teacher says she feels sorry and upset and she even dropped her TOP student because she's so tall. She did it to so many people. I feel so bad and till today I cry time to time. That's how much I love ballet!

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Guest dancergal

No way should you give up!!! I'm 13 and I'm I think 5'1 or so. Don't let your height stop you from dancing. If you really want to dance, your heigh shouldn't stop you. There are some companies that prefer smaller dancers, but then again there are an equal amount of companies that prefer taller dancers. So just keep dancing, and don't worry about your height!

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Guest Aleasha Barkova

No way are you too tall! I'm - oops, I can't tell my age (family rule) but I'm 5'4" too. I think taller dancers actually look better, and I just took a master class last night from the lead dancer of Ballet Magnificat! and she was at least 5'7". She also won a silver at the second International Ballet Competition and was a principal with Ballet Mississippi.

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My god!

How do you think you’re to tall I mean If you are tall I’m a giraffe …

I agree that tall dancers look really pretty! I imagine you’ll gorgeous wearing your pretty dress and your ballet shoes! So do I look.. Well that’s what Mummy told me…

Pd. Don’t let them tell you that being told its bad!



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Guest sylphide*4ever

Tasha, don't worry~!! I'm 13 and around 5'2", and I really envy tall and lean dancers. I have a typical asian body type, very thin and small-boned, yet pretty short. I hope I'm not done growing yet. Does anyone know when teenagers are usually finished growing? Thanks



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