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Guest veva

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I`m from Mexico so my Eglish is not very good

Well I`m a ballet lover ... Im 13 years old ... And I would be pleased to know wich is the Perfect FEMALE body ... or a diet that could help to keep me in a good form.... When I was in a ballet school My last teacher always made me feel sad beacuse she only payed atention to the really thin and perfect students ... Im to beign in a new ballet school.... I would like an advice....:confused:

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Hello veva, welcome to the Young Dancers' forum on Ballet Alert! Online :)


We just has this exact question by another new member the other day. Unfortunately we have to tell you the same thing, which is that we do not believe there is any such thing as The Perfect Body for a dancer and we do not discuss diet or nutrition issues here on Ballet Talk. There are many different shapes and sizes of dancers today, and the important thing is to be healthy as well as in very good shape. Diets do not work except temporarily, but developing a life style of healthy, balanced eating combined with exercise does. You do NOT want diet advice from other people who are well meaning but have no medical knowledge. Consult your physician or a dietician or nutritionist!

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