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Fouetté rond de jambe en tournant at the barre


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I am really finding Fouetté rond de jambe en tournant that we do at the barre difficult at the moment. I swear I never used to have any problems with them. But recently for some reason I find them awkward to do.

The problem is that I seem to not let go of the barre in time, so I feel like I am pushing/pulling with my arm, rather than using my upper body and leg to turn me around. I read somewhere that as soon as you relevé to turn you simultaneously let go of the barre and just sail around. I have been tyring this believe me, but its just not happeneing. They used to be one of my favourite exercises, now i dread them.

This is not happening at all, and I feel stupid doing them.

In the center, they are fine once I start with a pirouette, then go into a series of them. Also, if I just do the exercise we do at the barre, without the barre. I can do them. So I am dumbstruck why doing just one simple turn at the barre is beyond me?

(By the way this is in demi not en pointe.)





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Clearly, you're leaning onto the barre too much when you demi-plié before the relevé. Try just the turn from a relevé and you'll see what I mean. Just developpé quatrieme devant and fouetté away! If you have trouble then, then other things are involved.

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