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question about NYC

Guest alpusachni

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Guest alpusachni

as I said in an earlier post I am hoping to go there this next spring or summer. I plan to go for 2wks(if all works out and I get the money) I printed out the info I was givn in the earlier post, but I had one question. I will most likey(unless I can talk a friend into going with me) be traveling there alone. As I dont have friends who are single, most are married or engaged and the few single ones arent into traveling. So is it safe to go to NYC alone for a week. I would not go out after dark alone or walk around alone--I'd go to daytime classes and stay where there are crowds. Will I be ok travling there aloen or should I find somoene to go with?? I have traveled alone before--to L.A, San Diego, HOuston but I knew people who lived in those cities.

Thanks :)

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A week in NYC? Should be a piece of cake! As with any large city, there are places where you don't want to go, and places you don't want to miss.


Now, NYC tourism probably won't mention the "not safe" angle, but their official website is:




Why not give it a try?

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Guest Watermill

Not go out at night alone? You would miss some of the most magical moments NYC has to offer! There are lots of people out walking around all the time, so in a way it's safer than many other cities now ruled by the automobile. I lived and worked there for twenty years and had to go to Pittsburgh to get mugged. As Major Mel says, there are some areas that aren't as safe, but if you stick to the retail & restaurant areas of the West Village, Upper West Side, Madison & 5th Aves (below the Park) and SoHo, you'll have a great time.


And stop watching NYPD Blue!

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Don't be afraid. Both Mel and Watermill have given you the same thumbs up and encouragement that I believe anyone who has been in the city would. New York City is a very interesting place to visit...and there is so much to see!


Have you figured out where you're going to stay? If not, I posted on the Moms and Dads forum about a really great book that outlines, in detail, all sorts of places to stay - rating them in price, security, cleanliness, extras, smoking or nonsmoking, $$$, etc. It's titled Sleep Cheap in New York. It's worth checking out:

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Guest alpusachni

Thanks lol, I guess I should have clariefied when I said not go out alone at night I meant I wouldnt go to a deserted area or for ecample walk down a dark alley alone. Someplace like the theatre or a shopping district i'd go to, as there would be people around



Thanks again. I have to go to work now, but I'll be sure to check out that book you mentioned

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