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Class-In dancewear: anyone have a link?


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Does anyone have the link to this site? Several of my friends have custom-made leotards from here that are sooo pretty. Also, there is a lady at NCSA that custom makes leotards; does she have a website? If anyone has any experience with these companies, I would love to know! thanks in advance :)

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I've never heard of this company for dancewear, gottadance. Have you tried the search engines?

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Thanks for the reply Miss Leigh! If I'm correct, this is a somewhat small company that custom-makes dancewear. From what my friends have said, you get to pick the style of leotard and then the colors and fabrics, and a few weeks later you pick it up or have it delivered. I did try Google and Yahoo, but didn't find anything, but I'll keep searching.

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Gottadance07, I just emailed you privately on this.


The 800 number flor Class-In products is 1-800-276-0558 (the leotard line is called Dance Italia.) They had some talk when I was last there of making a site, but I don't know if this has happened yet.


I also sent you the contact for the other.



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Thanks Juliet! I got your PM and replied to it before reading this message, so that's why I may have repeated a few questions you already answered, so sorry about that in advance! Oh, and Miss Leigh, I apologize if I have turned this into a "chatty" thread. Please move it wherever you see fit, if that would help keep the boards in proper shape. :)

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