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Guest Daniella64

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Guest Daniella64

I was wondering if anyone has advice on heightening my extensions? I have the leg strength and flexability, but i almost feel as if my muscles prevent my leg from going higher, in all positions. Any tips? Also tips on attitude turns would be great, we had to do doubles last week in class and I was having a hard time.



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Guest Leigh Witchel

Hi Danielle and welcome to Ballet Alert!


You might have noticed I moved this thread to the "Young Dancers Forum" - this is the right spot to post questions rather than in the top forum. You're sure to get smart answers from Ms. Leigh here.


Housekeepingly yours,



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Guest Nadezhda

Hello Danielle and welcome at the YD section of Ballet Alert online! :)


To answer your question, you might want to look at YD Archives. Just go to the bottom of the page, there is a pull down menu. Go to the Archives section and look for YD Stretches and Exercises. There are millions of questions like yours and the best of the lot are posted there. Hope you find your answer. :D

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And don't miss YD Pointe/Method/Technique for information about pirouettes en attitude! I know we've talked about them. (Good luck if they're en dehors!;) )

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