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I'm play French Horn, and I really want to play in marching band. The only problem is that you have to give up Monday for rehearsal, Friday for football games, and Saturdays for competitions. The season would only last until about December, then I could take the classes, but I'd be waaaaaaay behind. I have dance classes those days and I don't want to give them up, even though I have other classes on other days. My sister is in the marching band program, and she absolutely loves it, and is friends with the whole band (120 people). I actually am pretty good at French Horn, and they desperately need some french horns. But, I also love ballet, and would never give it up for the world. Has anyone been in a similar situation, or could give some advice?

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You go to a competition school? Join the band.

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Now that I think about it, band would actually complement my dancing. I mean, you march around a field carrying an instrument, while playing each note perfectly for 10 min., then forming odd shpes on the football field. Then, during the summer they have a 2 week band rehearesal (the band's equivilant of a summer intensive) where you play about 8 hours a day, learning the music (the band director reminds me a lot of my ballet teacher). And, playing an instrument is supposed to help you your damcing, I forget why.

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Good for you! :) Playing an instrument, and learning basic music theory will be much more beneficial for you in the long run than preparing for competitions, and more gratifying, too.

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