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OK guys, since we are from different parts of the world I have some questions on tights:


1 - does any company make converitble tights for men. these are the ones that you can pull over your feet for performance and pull up on your legs for rehearsals.


2- Went shopping for tights and it seems that the companies like: Capizeo, Danskin, etc. all have stopped making men's tights. Is that true? If it is what is everyone doing for men's tights these day?


3- I can get them custom made but then they are only in the shiny lycra fabric.


Tell me what options you guys have?



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(1) Never seen convertible tights for men, specifically. Ordered some Bloch convertibles once, having being told they were unisex - only problem was that even in the largest size they were way too small for a tall man!


(2) Don't know whether Capezio and Danskin have stopped making mens's tights, but both are still available here in the UK. Baltogs and M. Stevens both make men's tights - these are made in the US and aren't available in the UK, so have to be ordered from on-line stores. Baltogs come in cotton- and nylon-lycra, M. Stevens in nylon-lycra only. The only suitable tights I can find in the UK are sold by Gamba and made by Repetto, who are French, I believe!


(3) I've also found a company that will custom make tights (or any kind of dancewear), from a huge range of fabrics, cotton-lycra included. I'd have thought that any custom maker could use any fabric you wanted, and probably make you convertibles, too.


Buying men's tights certainly isn't easy! And if you want colours aside from black and white, forget about it... Having said that, there's a wide choice of footless tights available that are genuinely unisex. It's just footed ones that are a problem.

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Dear men,


Tights are available in every colour in the rainbow. You dye them. It is not difficult in the least (email me and I will give you specific directions if you need them.)


Capezio and Danskin both continue to make men's tights.

M. Stevens makes their tight from milliskin, which has less of a sheen than some of the lycra ones; matte milliskin is also available for custom work.


Convertible tights are not, as far as I know, made for men. I think it far easier to buy footless ones and just wear those. Rolling them up gives you a nasty line....... Most of the men I know just buy black M Stevens and cut off the feet for class.


Custom tights are also readily available; just as much, if not more so, than for women: men have coloured tights as a costume element far more frequently than women do!


If anyone has specific questions, you may email me and I will do my best to answer, rather than take up board space. :D

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Thanks Juliet - :)


I thought so, but there's nothing quite like input from a costuming pro, and it's been literal years since I had to buy tights for myself.

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I'm no expert at working the Ballet Alert board, so couldn't figure out how to e-mail you. I would like more details on what's involved in dying tights.

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What is Milliskin? I'm severly allergic to Polyester.

For class I wear cheapo footless tights I get at cheap clothing stores fo 4-5 dollars. M. Stevens is the best but kinda expensive for regular class.



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To send private messages on this board you click on the little thingie at the bottom left hand which says "pm, " next to "profile".....


For casual or recreational class, I am sure that footless tights which you can buy in regular stores are fine. I referred to M. Stevens or the other brands because the dancers I work with regard their "work clothes" as just that. They last a long time, and professional dancers go through lots of tights and leotards in one day.


If one has fabric allergies, of course one has to be really careful, especially as sweaty clothes aggravate a lot of conditions. Milliskin isn't the same as polyester (I am sure you can find the specific fibre content somewhere) but it is widely used for performance apparel.

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as a guy, I prefer the M. Stevens tights. The Millskin material is strong, and unlike capezio tights, is not very see-through. What I have figured with footless tights is that, basically its up to you to make them footless, they guys at my studio just make little snippits in the bottom of the foot, you may want to try it out on an old pair before you go at a new ones, and to prevent runs, you can apply nail polish to the cut.


One question i have about tights is.... what are the advantages to using a belt to hold up your tights, currently i have sewn alastic cross-straps to hold them up, does anyone have a better way, or idea?


Also how are the other brands of tights, I just recently got a cupon for Body Wrapper tights, i dont know if they make tights for men. if anyone has tried them what do you think?


And do you really have to dye tights? The store offering colored tights has eluded me for sometime, maybe thats why....


i hope this helps someone!!!

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Either way of supporting tights used to work just fine for me.


About other tights, I really have no clue, as noted above, it's been a long time since I had to wear them.


And as to dyeing tights, if you need them for stage, it's a really good idea to know how to get the color you need, if you don't have a costume department to do it for you!;)

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Originally posted by Ed McPherson


One question i have about tights is.... what are the advantages to using a belt to hold up your tights, currently i have sewn alastic cross-straps to hold them up, does anyone have a better way, or idea?  



If you roll your tights over a belt, it's a lot easier to tuck your T-shirt in.

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I've done some experimenting with dying tights. I like a range of colors... Long story why, but funny. I'll tell you guys some time, but not now. Dying tights is really easy. Here in America we have a dye called "RIT" available in most grocery stores and pharmacies. Add it into a washer machine and throw in the tights. Rinse the tights well after ward and make sure you don't wear a white shirt with them the first few times. It will dye the shirt and is a royal pain to try to get out. I've done this with a few pairs of M. Stevens white tights and unitards. I've been pretty pleased with the results. No need to go through the elaborate boiling in salt water routine. It's pretty easy. Just be prepared, the color will never look like it does on the bottle.


I've been wanting to get a pair of the Sansha tights. They have straps sewn in that go over the shoulders and hold them up. I've tried and tried to order them but they say they've been on back-order for over a year! They look really good and there's no need for a belt. Anyone have ideas on other suppliers who make something similar?

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If you wet the tights before dyeing, then the chance of getting a streaky dye job will be reduced. Also, if you rinse according to product directions, the rub-off phenomenon should be negligible.

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2 Left Feet,

sorry to butt in again, but we really can't have you languishing for a year over elastics and tights! Go to ANY fabric or the grocery store and get a roll of waistband elastic. Sew or pin them on your tights. There. Your new straps.




;) Juliet

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No one can see the straps on your tights, 2 left feet, but if that is what makes you happy, then yes, waiting for just the right set of straps to become available is a better idea. ;)


Unless you are talking about unitards and then, I apologise, I misread.

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