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Soft shoe insoles

Guest Makayla

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Guest Makayla


I have Bloch split-sole soft shoes, and my insole started peeling up, and wrinkling at the toe and bothering me. So tonight I pulled it up a little bit to see if it was fine to wear without the insole in

(by insole I mean the leather... maybe suade (spelling?) layer inside the shoe.)

Anyways, my question mainly is... I find them much more comfortable without the insole. Yet there are a few spots where there is dried kind of sticky glue left on the shoe.

How would I remove the glue?


Thanks :D

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Start with a little warm water on a sponge, and a little dish detergent in the water. Turn the shoes inside-out and scrub them with the sponge and most of the unwanted stuff will come off. Pop the shoes right-side-out, stuff with newspaper, and let dry.

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